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About Us

Lee & Peta Taberner-

Lee & Peta have been saved for just over 25 years...delivered from a life of drugs, they have an awesome testimony of the power & provision of God in their lives.

After years of service in church & also running successful businesses, Lee & Peta had a devastating year in 2010 where they lost several loved ones in a short amount of time which shook them out of the comfortable state they had settled into & forced them to step out on the water...they purchased the tent at the end of 2011 following a word from the Lord & despite many trials & tests, they haven't looked back. They now not only have one but two tents & hold outreaches throughout Australia. In 2020 they also launched their first evangelism training school along with World for Christ.

Travelling with the Tent of Hope is such an amazing journey, so many lives touched, healed & changed by the power of God! Lee & Peta's desire is to see the Body of Christ so in love with Bridegroom & united with each other that they overflow His love to those around them.

The Tent-

The Tent of Hope is an Australian national Tent Ministry taking the gospel throughout Australia to stir up the churches & to present the gospel to the “unsaved”, through street ministry, outreaches, school visits, fun days & crusades.

The Tent can seat up to 1000 people. It is 18m x 36m & requires 21m x 40m area. It can be set up as a half tent, three-quarter tent or full tent.

When fully set up, we have inside the tent a ‘Panorama of the Bible’ This is a quite unique– it is based on biblical history from Genesis to Revelation & lays out Gods plan for the salvation of mankind.

We can also set up a cafeteria inside the tent as well as prayer & ministry rooms. When this is all fitted out inside, the seating capacity is around 450 in the full tent.

Traditionally, evangelical tent crusades are very ‘successful’ on their own as stand alone outreaches, but we prefer to work with the local churches & together touch your community, offering Hope through Jesus Christ.

We do take up offerings in public meetings as we operate completely on donations & partnerships- trusting & relying on our Heavenly Father for all our needs.